Data of interest

Lines of work

  • II - Industrial Informatics
  • SI - Information Systems
  • EAOW - Computer Aided Teaching with Hypermedia / Multimedia and Web-based Systems.
  • ISSOO- Software Engineering, Object Oriented Systems, Information Security, Cloud Computing, Systems Planning, Industrial Informatics, Strategic information systems.
  • IGIHM- Human-Machine Interface (HCI-IPO), Industrial Computing, Advanced 3D Data Visualization, BigData.


  • Distance Teaching System via Internet (Together with the National University of La Rioja (Argentina), the National Technological University, Río Grande Regional College, and Santa Fé Regional College), Code UNLAR-001200-IDI.
  • Design of a System for the Transduction of Humic Substances (Together with the Chemical-Physical Area).
  • Design of an Electronic Book System for Mechanics (Together with the Area of ​​Applied Mechanics).
  • Design of a visualization system for the teaching of drawing (Together with the IPN-Torrecedeira).
  • Development of Web systems (Various).
  • MATEWEB - Web application for teaching mathematics.
  • DILE: Electronic book design system.
  • EQS: Survey on the teaching of Computer Science in pre-university centers (Together with the Universidade de Fafe (Portugal), UNLaR, UTN Río Grande, UTN Santa Fé (Argentina), FachhochschuleEmden, Hochschule Bremerhaven (Germany), Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca (Mexico), Mikkelin Ammattikorkeakoulu (Finland).
  • SOS-VICS (Speak out for support) JUST / 2011 / JPEN / 2912;
  • ICT-ways; 528103-LLP-1-2012-1-PT-COMENIUS-CNW;


  • Third Cycle Program: Advanced Computer Science.
  • Third Cycle Course on: Multimedia / Hypermedia and Human-Machine Interface for the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Object Orientation with C ++ and Java (Own and for the Mikkeli Polytechnic University (Finland)).
  • Master in Advanced Computer Science (a subject at the "Hochschule Bremerhaven" (Germany)).
  • Master in Applied Informatics (For the National University of La Rioja (Argentina)).
  • Course on the implementation of Standards and Computer Auditing in Data Processing Centers (Own and for the National University of La Rioja (Argentina)).
  • WISDOM (Web Information System Data Organization Modeling) since 2010 together with 9 other European Universities.

Services and techniques

  • Consulting, auditing and computer regulation.
  • Software development for educational, industrial, government and management environments.
  • Development of systems based on Web / Internet / Cloud.


  • 1203; 1203.10; 1203.17; 1203.18; 1203.23; 1203.24; 3304.06;

Technological area

  • D08, D10-18, D21, D33, D39, D42, Y05.


  • 72,73,742,803.
  • Key-esp: 
    • Computer Aided Instruction (Computer);
    • Software Engineering; Object Oriented Software .;
    • Computer Security Systems;
    • Educational Software, Hypermedia / Multimedia; Internet, Intranet;
    • Human-Machine interface and interaction.

International relations and other data

  • European Collaboration:
    • Germany: Bremerhaven, Emden-Leer
    • Finland: Helsinki, Mikkeli
    • France: La Rochelle
    • Lithuania: Vilnius
    • Portugal: Chaves, Fafe, Lisbon, Porto, Vila Real
    • Czech republic prague
    • Sweden: Gothenburg
  • American Collaboration:
    • Argentina: BBAA, Córdoba, La Rioja, Rio Grande, San Luis, Santa Fé
    • Brazil: Florianopolis
    • Colombia: Barranquilla, Cartagena
    • USA: CM, Duke
    • Mexico: CDMX, Oaxaca, Zacatecas
    • Collaboration in Spain:
    • Andalusia
    • Asturias
    • Canary Islands
    • Catalonia
    • Madrid

Professional associations

  • National Athenaeum of Arts, Letters, Science and Technology (Full member)
  • ADIE (Association for the Development of Educational Informatics) (Full member, Board of Directors)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers), IEEE (Graduate Member)
  • IEEE-CS (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers - Computer Society) (Vice-president)
  • ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) (Professional Member)
  • CHISPA - SIGCHI of ACM Spain (Computer Human Interface) (Co-founder member)
  • AIPO (Human Computer Interface Association) (Co-founder member)
  • Professional Council of Computer Sciences of the Province of La Rioja (Argentina) (Honorary Member)
  • IMut (Institut für Medien und Technik) (Emden - Germany) (Associate Member)

ISNI and ORCID Codes

  • My ISNI code (International Standard Name Identifier) is:
    • 0000 0000 6304 5864
  • My ORCID code (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is:
    • 0000-0003-0471-6981
  • My WOK Researcher ID code is:
    • A-2233-2015
  • My Scopus ID code is:
    • 6507441503
  • My Dialnet ID code is:
    • 1858842